58adf87f-105d-4d5e-b5fe-151adf54c8e21dbb01de-95d8-498f-afe2-a1464f591993  785ebe23-2705-4366-bee9-c31db4f7f551Ruptura (Break Up), 10/17/19, Vinyl on glass of stylized broken windows in the shape of maps of Chicago and Havana. Installed at Artista X Artista in Havana, Cuba.

80CBEDAF-55E4-46E6-A066-8B5957C44ECA4-D², 10/06/2019, CDOT traffic paint applied with a 4″ roller on the driveway of Compound Yellow in Oakpark, IL.

61C93D32-9896-44D2-B9CF-3B074E25D417Break Up, 10/03/2019, Sign paint on butcher paper in the windows of The Franklin in the Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago, IL.

424BB26C-8AD5-40C5-B457-D5A867932F9CPortal Court, 09/17/2019, Railroad chalk, bean bags and kick balls in courtyard of the Graham Foundation in Chicago, IL.C44A4128-524E-4E02-B57B-3F0EFDD014EB Echo Hecho Fresco, 09/01/2019, CDOT Traffic paint applied with a 4″ roller on under the Columbus Drive bridge of the Chicago River.