ascendescend Ascend/Descend (Roxanna Markewycz)

Chair Lift (For Cara Meagan LewisChair Lift (For Cara Megan Lewis), 2014 Ball Stand Still (Byron Smith) Ball Stand Still (Byron Smith), 2015 13 Light Load (Carla Castle) Light Load (Carla Castle), 2013 Portal (Esther Grimm) Passage (Esther Grimm), 2013 Photo TubesStorage Tubes (Rachel Herman), 2013 New Routine (Madrid)New Routine (Madrid Apartment), 2012 Chair Pairing (Barcelona)Chair Pairing (Barcelona Apartment), 2012 Tape through PlaneTape Through Plane (Christopher Smith), 2010 Domestic Monuments (Elmhurst Art Museum) Installation of Domestic Monuments of Elmhurst residents at Elmhurst Art Museum, 2013