BreakUpRoomBreak Up, 2019, Hand painted signs of windows with broken glass in the shape of Chicago and Havana with all premixed colors in the paint shop.

IMG_2533 IMG_2534Entre (Between), 2018, A single sign that reads influx is folded around the entrance fence for “Living Architecture” at 6018North, Chicago

AguilarAffixed Breaks, 2017, Hand painted signs at Mesa Community College Art Gallery

Multiple EntriesMultiple Entries, 2018, Hand painted signs hung on windows and latex paint on wall of Compound Yellow, Oak Park, IL

IMG_8225Affixed Breaks, 2018, Hand painted signs hung on front windows of home.

Memoria Presente: An Artistic Journey, National Museum of Mexican ArtIMG_4537Portal, 2017, Latex on wall, 12’x12′
Wall painting made with paint from past exhibitions at the National Museum of Mexican Art108_MemoriaPresente_AlbertoAguilar Entre, 2017, Sign paint on paperMemoria Presente - NMMA 2017Exito, 2017, Sign paint on paper and streamers
Entrance and exit markers at the National Museum of Mexican Art

Artist in Residence, The Art Institute of Chicago, 201611 RoomForIntimacy46 12 Room For IntimacyRoom for Intimacy, 2016, Installation made while on residency at the Art Institute of Chicago using materials sourced from museum education where my studio was located. Folded brown paper, masking tape, string and pushpins.PostMuseumVoid_0005 PostMuseumVoid_0002 PostMuseumVoid_0013Post Museum Void, 2016, Stickers and museum postcards from museum education where my studio was located while on residency at the Art Institute of ChicagoIM016652_053IM016652_051IM016652_052IM016652_059This wall is a work made up of parts, 2016
An installation of past work in the education center of the Art Institute of Chicago. The wall painting is made up of colors from the most prominent galleries in the museum organized by value.

Crossing Boundaries Residency, Arts Incubator at the University of Chicago Khan_TestMovePlay Ability_1Course Echo, 2015 Latex paint on cement block (Arts Incubator)IMG_5623Mirage, 2015, Sign paint on paperFormsForms of Communication, 2017 Desk and signage letters found in my basement studio of the Arts Incubator while on residency. 03_Multiple PositionsMultiple Positions, 2015 Latex paint and school desks found in the basement of my studio at the Arts Incubator while on residency

80Call to Awareness, 2016, Hand painted sale sign sign hung in a shop window in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago speaking out to the community.

18 Propaganda Familiar02_Propaganda FamiliarPropaganda Familiar, Sign paint on butcher paper, 2015
Hand painted signs of phrases made up of cognates that could be read in Spanish and English simultaneously on the windows of a Mexican grocery store in a neighborhood in St. Louis experiencing “gentrification”.

01_Lunch Room ExpanseLunch Room Expanse, 2014 Building Materials, drop leaf table, mirror tile, blinds and latex paint

Scavenger Hunt, 2004, Stretcher bars, plastic, vinyl stickers, Christmas tree skirt felt, under counter light, hardware and extension cord.