La Posada (El Cosmico), 2018
A 7-part Christmas pageant made by Madeleine and Alberto Aguilar one day on a road trip stop between Tucson and Houston in Marfa, Texas.

Formative Works
While resident artist at the Art Institute of Chicago Alberto Aguilar produced a series of videos where he had artists take him to formative works in the collection.

Formative Works: Alex Bradley Cohen, 2016


Formative Works: Nazafarin Lotfi, 2016


Made-Up w/ Danny Volk Episode 10 Season 4: 2015
In collaboration with artist Danny Volk 12 episodes were created altering and playing on an already existing series format. This is episode 10.


Genealogy, (Part 1 of 4 of a family Christmas pageant), 2012


Massacre (Part 4 of 4 of a family Christmas pageant), 2012


Sensitive Equipment: 2012


Othello 8m40s: 2011