08.27.2021, Upon arriving to Los Angeles by train I flowers that feel from a tree into a line62 My Room View (Acrosanti, AZ) Take a photo of self and the room view from outside and inside simultaneously (Arcosanti, AZ), 2017

Hoboken NJArrange everything from the hotel minibar on the window sill, against the room’s view (Hoboken, NJ), 2017

Flip and Tip-2
Flip and tip chairs previously arranged for a public event (Chicago, IL), 2017

img_3312Drag feet through snow, define boundaries, work my way in. End at center (Elkhart, Kansas), 2017

Indiscreet Line (Havana, Cuba)

IMG_5740Line with corn being dried for fighting chicken (Plaza Vieja), 2017

IMG_5860  Line with trash behind bleachers (Parque Deportivo Jose Marti), 2017

IMG_6365Line with tree pods (Plaza de la Revolución). 59 Havana Flower line at designated wifi area (Parque Fe Del Valle), 2017

Adopted Chicago Public School Desks

I adopted a set of Chicago Public School desks from schools that the city closed down. During this time I used them, arranged them, took them with me on a roadtrip and left some behind at certain sites.Sentinels-2Sentinels, 2017 (In Front of my Home)

Memorial PHX AZ Memorial (In my parents backyard in Phoenix, AZ), 2017

Left Behind (Iowa) Left Behind (Iowa rest stop dedicated to it’s rich history of education), 2017

Left Behind (City Hall)Left Behind (Front door of City Hall), 2017

Rest Area (Museo Picasso Barcelona), 2011

27-clearClear Painter, 2010

Chain Reaction, 2009 (After School Matters)

23Preparing the Surface, 2006

 Finished Painting, 2006

Thanksgiving, 2006

Ear Itch (Studio Practices), 2005

5 Yardwork at Play (part 1)6 Yardwork at Play (part2)7 Yardwork at Play (part3)8 Yardwork at Play (part4)   Excavation, 2015